Harlen Campbell

"A writer of fiction has just one obligation -- to entertain the reader.
Only if he has done that superbly can he deal with his personal concerns in a story."

Since you asked . . .


( to be read in two male voices )

                 a grown-up 
        man he drinks alone
     if he drinks and if he  
   screams he screams alone    a kind man he shares
           and when he dies    his pleasures why not he
                    he dies    didnt have to earn them no he
                               found them stole them made 
                               them but his pain he eats it
               a simple man    all alone he couldnt share
        he never aspired to    that
       touch so deeply make
   the red flower bloom and
    on the whole hed rather
      cross the street than
        do it again or even    an educated man he
          smell a jungle or    learned what they had to
             walk in triple    teach him and hell he'll
                   canopied    teach it too if he can
                               and his eyes dont get
                               too wet to see all
                               of it or close
                               before the
                         gun   final
                     dry and
             drill and learn   the 
                     fathers   spirit of the
                        hard   bayonet
                      but no   the son
                  dont teach   must learn
                    to stand   
                      in the
                      or all
                               will be
                        lost   lost   

On Ending . . . .

Death, surprise me with no humble mask,
Nor dress in gentle Care's white uniform
On our appointed day.  Be proud, as fits
The Breaker of this world's egg.  Thou art
A cook, and thy dish a fearful thing
Swallowed whole, once you perfect the seasoning.

Thy hand that pulls the shade of night
Ends the chapter, ends the book, and if
There may some sequel be, 
Ending is thy sole decree.

Copyright 1995, Harlen Campbell
Updated Nov. 1, 1996.

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