Harlen Campbell

"A writer of fiction has just one obligation -- to entertain the reader.
Only if he has done that superbly can he deal with his personal concerns in a story."


PLENUM: Love and War in Five Dimensions

PLENUM is an epic road novel where the road stretches from a fallen time ship deep in the last ice age to a critical meeting of the Polar Council in 7296 AD and the travelers include a student, kidnapped from New York three years before the towers fell, a soldier of the Lord's Own Infantry who died in Africa, defending the one true faith from the heretical defenders of another one true faith, a couple of hundred years later, and the daughter of a Princess of Troy who spent her childhood watching Khufu build his pyramid before she was exiled to the New Stone Age. Naturally, it includes the obligatory Knight with tin legs, a Dragon Mother with an interesting family, and a desperate battle for the salvation of the universe.

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Sea of Deception

Nick Cowan lost his innocence and his wife in the Sea of Cortez. A small town in west Texas took a gamble on the future and lost everything. Paula Stafford lost her brother to Helen Daws, who never lost a thing in her life. And all of them are heading for a bloody rendezvous on the shores of the sea of deception.

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Monkey on a Chain

The book begins with Rainbow Porter, a man with a taste for solitude and a past he can't forget, running in the mountains near his home in Placitas, New Mexico. . . .

"In Rainbow Porter, Harlen Campbell created a uniquely appealing outlaw--a man living on the edge, a man trained to watch his back at all times, a man with a personal code of ethics that has nothing to do with institutionalised justice. Campbell's writing is as terse, tense, and compelling as Rainbow Porter himself, and Monkey on a Chain will keep readers riveted from enigmatic opening to heart-stopping climax."

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Jennifer's Weave

Most of us weave the fabric of our lives with strands selected from the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins. Jennifer Murphy found another thread, and when it began to unravel, she left a man with a knife in his chest on her kitchen floor in New Mexico and a cry for help on Rainbow Porter's door.

Porter loved Jenny — or at least he had an affection and they had an accommodation — but the more he pursues the running woman, the deeper he digs into her past, the less he understands her as a woman or an artist, and the less he understands his attraction to her. The cops want Jenny, Porter wants her, two ex-husbands want her, a killer is stalking her, and then two dubious figures from the intelligence community muscle into the chase.

When Rainbow recruits Sharon Coulter, an attractive ex-cop and detective from LA, to join the hunt, they begin to close in on the central mystery of Jenny's past. But as Rainbow begins to understand Jennifer, he begins to understand Sharon too, and Sharon is damaged in some of the same ways he is.

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